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INTERSCANDI 2024 will take place in Hamburg on 26-28 July, in Hamburg's famous Altona district, close to the notorious Reeperbahn where many a Viking has woken up with a lot less money and an itchy crotch. Let's just say that the MERMAIDS guarantee you will get to complain about insufficient prostitutes! But seriously, this is a neighbourhood with great partying opportunities, both excellent craft beer and the choicest of cheap beers, tasty wines, and restaurants for every budget and taste. It's where MERMAIDS party, and now you can too!

The estimated cost (to be confirmed) will be 290 €, including accommodation, Saturday party (inc drinks), run drinks, and food.


The hotels are in the Reeperbahn district: (ibis)

Once we have sorted out the wait list hashers for the removed non-payers, the hotel allocation will be posted on the who's coming list.

ANY extra night requests need to be emailed to the mismanagement, and we will co-ordinate the reservation. Payment for the extra nights will be made by the individual at the hotel.

Rough timetable (to be confirmed)


Registration and pub crawl. Some free drinks, but also pay as you go after the freebies run out


Get up, have breakfast, runs (always near water and surrounded by seamen), circles, shower (please), ornate your body in Viking drag and flip-flops, and head for the beach! Beach/party location is on the map below.


Get up, have breakfast, nurse hangover with a bracing run (by the water and surrounded by seamen), circle, then go home.


At some point during the weekend, a vote for the next Interscandi will also be held.

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