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Practical information



Hamburg has a TEMPERATE climate and in July this means it can be anything between hot (30 C) or cold (15 C), and definitely also wet or dry. 

So bring clothing to suit and if you are not sure what to bring check the online weather forecast. 

Getting around: 

For those with half a brain cell, Hamburg is in the north of Germany. To get there you can drive, take a train, fly in or swim (not really recommended). Whichever method you use, get yourself a public transport ticket, from the online shop link below.  The hamburg public transit authority HVV also has an good app (in English).


 hvv - Onlineshop


You will need a ticket for moving around Hamburg and if you know someone who has a Deutschland ticket, they may be able to help you add a supplementary ticket on their account. If you intend to travel through Germany for some days before or after, then it is worth buying a 1-month Deutschland card. This allows you to travel in all cities using the local public transport and also throughout Germany using regional trains only (i.e. not the ICE trains). 



If you are driving then use a map or sat nav to navigate to the hotels in the Reeperbahn and check out the links above for the hotels and parking garage to store your car safely.



If you are using the train and arrive in Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) take the S1 direction Wedel or Blankenese or the S3 direction Pinneberg metro train and get off at Landungsbrücken. If you happen to stay on the train too long you might end up in Hamburg Altona (another large station). From there you can also take the S1 direction Airport/Poppenbüttel or the S3 direction Neugraben and get off at Landungsbrücken. 


From Landungsbrücken you can use Google maps to navigate your way to the Reeperbahn and the hotels.



If you are flying into Hamburg, once you get to arrivals follow the green signs "S" for the S bahn. There is only one line to and from the airport and that is the S1 direction Wedel or Blankenese. Both of these destinations will take you directly to Landungsbrücken where you need to get off. The train will wait at the first stop after the airport for a little while DO NOT worry or get off the train, stay on the train all the way through to Landungsbrücken then use Google maps to walk to the Reeperbahn and the hotels

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